Are suburban malls in trouble?

There were several online sales this past weekend and I treated myself to a new pair of running shoes. I try to replace my shoes after 300 miles or so.  When I first moved to New York about 10 years ago I went to a small local running shop and spent over $120 on a pair of running sneakers. It was a serious expenditure. Now I can buy the same sneaker online for about half that price.

Speaking of shopping, retail companies with a large number of physical store locations have been a major area of concern. As more people shop online regional malls have suffered. Amazon is quietly dominating the retail market while Sears and Macy’s have been singled out as being the key stores in making a commercial property viable. This could be an ugly trend if it continues.

Source: Google Finance


Meanwhile, Walmart has noticed Amazon’s online dominance and has responded by offering a similar online sales strategy. Smart move. Will it be enough?

Source: Google Finance


Amazon’s dominance is staggering. Amazon is larger than all its brick-and-mortar competitors combined. Wow!

Source: VisualCapitalist


I will be out in Central Park this weekend training for my upcoming 10K race. The weather is supposed to be amazing. I hope you get out and enjoy the great weather. Or you can always stay in and watch the movie Mallrats for free with Amazon Prime. Irony!

Have a great weekend!

– The Risk Runner

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